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Youth Services Advisory Board Membership - Updated 2018


Ordinance – Code Book

Chapter II, Article 2

Part K. - Youth Services and Advisory Board.

 Sec. 2-220.  Establishment. 

In accordance with state statutes §§ 17a-29—17a-32, there shall be in the town a youth services advisory board composed of no less than seven (7) members, who shall be appointed by and responsible to the town council.

(Ord. No. 6-80, § 1, 11-10-1980)

 Sec. 2-221.  Membership. 

The youth services advisory board shall be comprised of representatives from public agencies with statutory responsibility for youth and private sector organizations representing community social institutions.  These representatives shall include at least one (1) member currently under eighteen (18) years of age, a representative of the school system, the police department, and a private youth-serving agency.  At least one-third (1/3) of the total membership shall be service consumers.

(Ord. No. 6-80, § 2(a), 11-10-1980)

 Sec. 2-222.  Duties. 

The youth services advisory board shall study continuously the conditions and needs of young people in the community in relation to health, recreation, employment and other matters.  It shall analyze the services for youth provided by the community, both by public and private agencies, and shall make recommendation to the town council regarding the development and integration of the public and private agencies, in cooperation with the state and other services to the extent possible.  The youth services advisory board shall work with the community services director regarding matters concerning the youth of the community.

(Ord. No. 6-80, § 2(b), 11-10-1980)

 Sec. 2-223.  Terms. 

Members shall serve for staggered terms of three (3) years.

(Ord. No. 1-81, 7-16-1981)

 Sec. 2-224.  Officers. 

The youth services advisory board shall choose from among its members a chairperson and vice-chairperson.  It shall employ as its secretary a member of the youth community, who shall, if possible, be under eighteen (18) years of age, who shall keep appropriate minutes of the meetings of the youth services advisory board and shall file the minutes with the office of the town clerk.  The town treasurer shall act as the treasurer for the youth services advisory board and shall see to the proper disbursement of any funds, local, state, federal, or private, that may be awarded to such board as directed by the board.

(Ord. No. 6-80, § 4, 11-10-1980)

State law reference—Regional advisory councils, state statute § 171-30.