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What is a wetland?
Wetlands are natural features in which water is close to the surface or on the surface.
Why do we need wetlands?
Wetlands serve several different and important functions.
Can I just fill in the wetlands and use the land; and, what would happen if I did?
No, indiscriminate filling is not allowed.
When do I need to get an inland wetland permit?
Whenever you propose to conduct an activity in or near a designated wetlands which has the potential to effect those functions described in question "C".
What is the process of getting a permit?
Please see Additional Details for more information.
How do I know if there are any wetlands on my land?
A general wetlands index map is available for review in Room 8 (Engineering Department), at the Town Hall.
What type of enforcement power does the Inland Wetlands Commission have?
The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission has jurisdiction by State Statute over any and all activities that pose a threat to a wetland, watercourse or flood hazard area within the limits of the Town of Berlin.
Can a decision by the IWWC be appealed, and if so, how is that done?
Yes, in general most decisions of the Commission can be appealed through a specific time controlled process as defined in the Connecticut General State Statutes.
What will an Inland Wetlands permit allow me to do?
The permit will allow you to use the land in a specific way, depending upon the nature of the request and the particular area involved.
If a permit is granted, how long does it remain valid?
All permits must be obtained within one year of being granted.
Results 1-10 of 10