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Detective Division

The Detective Bureau operates and maintains the evidence lab.   It also   maintains all department photographs and the departments' fingerprint file. The Detective Bureau investigates and assists other   areas of the   department in   their   investigations of felonies and all crimes involving fraud, theft, and violence. The Detective Bureau performs other related functions the Chief of Police determines necessary.

The Youth Bureau is responsible for the overall coordination of the department's efforts regarding children and youth, including delinquency, family with services needs, abuse, neglect, and missing persons.  The Youth Detective screens all reports dealing with police contact with children, makes/reviews all departmental court referrals of juveniles (persons less than eighteen years of age), an makes/reviews decisions to divert juveniles from the juvenile justice system.


 Sgt. Ann Marie Haas  (860) 828-7088 AMHaas@berlinpd.org
 Detective Sean McMahon  (860) 828-7089  smcmahon@berlinpd.org 
 A/Detective Scott Schreiner  (860) 828-7193  sschreiner@berlinpd.org
 A/Youth Detective Ted Fuini  (860) 828-7090  dbartolomeo@berlinpd.org 
 A/Detective David Rohon  (860) 828-7189  drohon@berlinpd.org