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The Town of Berlin, Connecticut Police

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Sergeant Ann-Marie Haas / Accreditation Manager

Phone:  (860) 828-7084


Initial Accreditation:  March 23, 1996

Reaccreditation:       March 23, 2001

Reaccreditation:       March 23, 2004

Reaccreditation:       March 27, 2007


Reaccreditation:       March 27, 2010

In December of 2009 the department underwent its fourth on-site accreditation inspection. Deputy Chief David Belmonte of the Lake Bluff Illinois Police Department was the Team Leader and was assisted by Commander Cynthia Aaron of the Burleson Texas Police Department. This year the department received a flagship certificate for its continual demonstration of excellence in commitment to the accreditation process. 

Flagship Cert

Assessment Team 2009

Pictured from L-R: Sergeant Mike Jobes, Lieutenant Chris Ciuci, Deputy Chief John Klett, CALEA Assessor Cynthia Aaron, CALEA Team Leader David Belmonte, & Chief Paul Fitzgerald. 

Reaccreditation:       March 27, 2013

In December of 2012 the department underwent its fifth on-site accreditation inspection. Retired Greensboro North Carolina Police Captain Andrew F. (Drew) Cannady was the CALEA Team Leader and was assisted by Assessor Eric Borrin, Chief of the New Hampshire Bureau for Juvenile Justice Services. 

 CALEA Assessment Team ~ December 2012

Pictured from L-R: Deputy Chief John Klett, Chief Paul Fitzgerald, CALEA Assessor Eric Borrin, CALEA Team Leader Andrew (Drew) Cannady, Sergeant Mike Jobes, & Lieutenant Chris Ciuci. 

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