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The Town of Berlin, Connecticut Police

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Support Services

The Support Services Division consists of the Support Services Bureau, SRO and the Traffic Bureau.  The Court Liaison Officer assists with arrest reports, prisoner transportation, arrest warrants, and search warrant preparation.  The Support Services Bureau is responsible for grants, computers, communications, accreditation, permits, alarm registrations, court liaison, scheduling personnel for private duty, overtime assignments and any other function deemed necessary by the Chief of Police. 

The School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned to work directly in the high school working directly with teachers and students.

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 Lieutenant Drew Gallupe  (860) 828-7184
 Sergeant Ann-Marie Haas  (860) 828-7084
   Officer Cathy Griffin  (860) 828-7185
   Traffic Officer Tom Bobok  (860) 828-7082
   SRO  (860) 828-6577 x141  
   SRO Richard Doski  (860) 828-0323 x525

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