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Ray Jarema,
Water Control Manager
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Water Control

The Water Control Department for the Town of Berlin is overseen by a Commission of eight members (including three alternates) that are responsible for providing both potable water and sanitary sewer service for part of the Town.  The Department  controls the production and supply of about 500 million gallons of water annually and processes about 1 billion gallons of sanitary effluent for the entire Town through it's collection system.  

The annual operating budget of the department is approximately $3,700,000 is managed and overseen by a staff of 6 personnel.  

On going major projects include a 4 million dollar infiltration/inflow sewer lining project, rehabilitation of the both our Elton Rd pump station and sanitary sewer lift station, 2 million gallon water storage tank painting and miscellaneous capital improvements items annually.  

Many people have asked the American Red Cross for tips on conserving water for environmental reasons, as well as when drought conditions threaten. Click here for tips that were developed by a coalition of specialists on water conservation in Florida, and are also consistent with the recommendations that were developed through the National Disaster Education Coalition's "Drought Forum."