The Town of Berlin, Connecticut

Country Charm at the Center of Connecticut



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What is Berlin water tested for?
Color, Turbidity, Odor, pH, and Bacteria.
What is Berlin's water 'hardness' content?
Between 100 and 122 mg/L.
What is the price of waste water removal presently?
$5.38 per 100 cubic feet.
Who owns the water meter?
Berlin Water Control Commission owns the meters used by its customers. These meters are standardized in the system and the water usage is read by radio frequency rather than meter readers.
How are connection charges developed?
Connection charges are developed on a 'frontage' and 'unit basis.
How frequent is a Berlin Water Control Commission Potable Water Confidence Report prepared?
BWCC is mandated to prepare annually and advertise same in a local newspaper.
Where does our water come from?
All three utilities currently receive treated water from the New Britain Water Dept. Berlin Water Control supplements their water with the Elton Road wellfield and also purchases Cromwell Fire District water.
Who provides water and sewer services in Berlin?
There are 3 Water Utilities in Berlin: Berlin Water Control Commission 860-828-7065, Kensington Fire District 860-828-1782 and Worthington Fire District 860-828-5630.
What is my billing period?
Berlin Water Control is now on a Quarterly Billing Schedule. Current water and sewer rates are always announced in the Berlin Citizen before each billing period.
Results 1-9 of 9