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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Blake, Thomas Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6111
Bobok, Tom Traffic Officer Traffic Division 860-828-7082
Boncek, Alicia Records Clerk Administrative/Records Division 860-828-7109
Breen, Dylan A. Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6114
Campanella, Phyllis Dispatcher Dispatch 860-828-7080 x 6155
Chaffee, Kevin Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6127
Ciuci, Chris Deputy Chief Administrative/Records Division 860-828-7086
Clark, Branden Officer Patrol 860-828-7080
Correa, Marco Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6118
Cyr, Tyler Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor Operations Division 860-828-7194
DePinto, Mark Officer School Resource Officer 860-828-7080 x 6109
Delgado, Isabella Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6101
Doski, Rich School Resource Officer, Middle School Patrol 860-828-0323 x 525
Dubuc, Jeff Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6132
Farr, Tom Dispatcher Dispatch 860-828-7080 x 6158
Fleisher, Debra Dispatcher Dispatch 860-828-7080 x 6151
Flynn, John Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor Operations Division 860-828-7192
Fowler, Mark Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6104
Freeman, Brian IT Technician Administrative/Records Division 860-828-7170
Fuini, Ted Acting Youth Detective Investigation Division 860-828-7090
Gaffey, Colin Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6102
Gallupe, Drew Lieutenant Support Services 860-828-7184
Gould, Ryan Sergeant, Patrol Supervisor Operations Division 860-828-7195
Griffin, Cathy Court Liaison Officer Support Services 860-828-7080 x 6114
Griffith, Wade T. Officer Patrol 860-828-7080 x 6107
Staff 1-25 of 54