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    BERLINTRNPK11/11/2018 01:15:182018-00021655Community Relations
    NEW BRITAINRD11/11/2018 01:18:002018-00021656Disorderly Conduct
    9RT11/11/2018 01:45:252018-00021658Pedestrian
    BERLINTRNPK11/11/2018 04:34:322018-00021659Criminal Mischief
    NORTONRD11/11/2018 07:40:452018-00021660Hazardous Cond
    KENSINGTONRD11/11/2018 10:22:392018-00021674Hazardous Cond
    TOLL GATERD11/11/2018 10:28:412018-00021675Civil Matter
    BERLINTRNPK11/11/2018 13:03:312018-00021678Susp Person
    QUARRYLN11/11/2018 13:26:012018-00021679Ambulance
    PERCIVALAVE11/11/2018 14:37:312018-00021680Susp Person
    CHAMBERLAINHWY11/11/2018 14:57:522018-00021681Assist Other PD
    9RT11/11/2018 15:07:152018-00021682Assistance
    WORTHINGTON RIDGERD11/11/2018 15:32:562018-00021683Welfare Check
    BERLINTRNPK11/11/2018 15:39:182018-00021684Community Relations
    ORCHARDRD11/11/2018 16:29:532018-00021685Animal Control
    SPRING VALLEYDR11/11/2018 17:32:002018-00021687MV Crash - Roadway
    BECKLEYRD11/11/2018 18:45:212018-00021688MV Crash - Roadway
    BERLINTRNPK11/11/2018 18:50:312018-00021689Hazardous Cond
    CROOKED BROOKLN11/11/2018 18:51:002018-00021690Harassment
    FARMINGTONAVE11/11/2018 19:23:362018-00021691MV Crash - Roadway
    ELLWOODRD11/11/2018 22:09:002018-00021692Harassment
    BERLINTRNPK11/11/2018 22:18:092018-00021693Community Relations
    MAINST11/11/2018 22:53:002018-00021694Repo/Tresp
    FARMINGTONAVE11/12/2018 00:57:312018-00021700Community Relations
    BERLINST11/12/2018 00:58:162018-00021701Ambulance
    KENSINGTONRD11/12/2018 01:36:242018-00021706Snow
    EARLST11/12/2018 01:43:542018-00021708Assistance
    FARMINGTONAVE11/12/2018 07:51:272018-00021710Community Relations
    BERLINTRNPK11/12/2018 09:10:192018-00021717Assistance
    STONEBRIDGEWAY11/12/2018 11:17:152018-00021722Ambulance
    DAYLDR11/12/2018 12:03:282018-00021723Harassment
    BERLINTRNPK11/12/2018 14:09:002018-00021727MV Crash - Roadway
    HEATHERLN11/12/2018 14:09:002018-00021728MV Crash - Private Property
    MAINST11/12/2018 14:25:512018-00021729Criminal Mischief
    KRAMERDR11/12/2018 14:40:002018-00021730Harassment
    BERLINTRNPK11/12/2018 15:30:282018-00021731Larceny
    ROSEWOODLN11/12/2018 17:10:242018-00021737Ambulance
    CHAMBERLAINHWY11/12/2018 17:14:302018-00021738Community Relations
    COLONIALDR11/12/2018 17:39:432018-00021739Assist Fire
    MAINST11/12/2018 18:25:472018-00021741Assist Other PD
    HILLCRESTAVE11/12/2018 19:08:272018-00021743Ambulance
    COLONIALDR11/12/2018 19:23:002018-00021744Welfare Check
    BERLINTRNPK11/12/2018 19:53:002018-00021745Assistance
    TOWNEDR11/12/2018 20:03:032018-00021746Disorderly Conduct
    STONEBRIDGEWAY11/12/2018 20:15:002018-00021747Assistance
    FARMINGTONAVE11/12/2018 21:42:112018-00021749Community Relations
    SR 57111/12/2018 22:13:362018-00021750Hazardous Cond
    FARMINGTONAVE11/12/2018 23:14:002018-00021752Ambulance
    ROWLEYST11/13/2018 02:40:482018-00021754Assistance
    ROBBINSRD11/13/2018 06:13:062018-00021758Ambulance
    BERLINTRNPK11/13/2018 06:33:062018-00021759Hazardous Cond
    BERLINTRNPK11/13/2018 07:46:002018-00021760Repo/Tresp
    EPISCOPALRD11/13/2018 08:46:262018-00021762Assistance
    HIGHRD11/13/2018 08:54:002018-00021763MV Crash - Roadway
    BERLINTRNPK11/13/2018 09:21:362018-00021764Disabled Motor Vehicle
    SAVAGE HILLRD11/13/2018 10:19:002018-00021765MV Crash - Roadway
    WEBSTER SQUARERD11/13/2018 10:33:112018-00021766Larceny
    FARMINGTONAVE11/13/2018 12:05:482018-00021772Assistance
    MAINST11/13/2018 12:48:132018-00021773Susp Person
    WEBSTER SQUARERD11/13/2018 13:03:492018-00021774Community Relations
    WEBSTER SQUARERD11/13/2018 13:48:422018-00021776Community Relations
    FARMINGTONAVE11/13/2018 14:20:152018-00021778Community Relations
    FARMINGTONAVE11/13/2018 14:22:352018-00021779Community Relations
    FIELDSTONECR11/13/2018 15:03:352018-00021780Repo/Tresp
    PATRICKDR11/13/2018 15:48:572018-00021781Assist Other PD
    FOUR RODRD11/13/2018 16:49:002018-00021782MV Crash - Roadway
    NEW BRITAINRD11/13/2018 17:10:582018-00021783Assistance
    ELLWOODRD11/13/2018 19:24:542018-00021785Property
    COTTAGEST11/13/2018 21:05:052018-00021787Ambulance
    FARMINGTONAVE11/13/2018 21:55:312018-00021788Assist Other PD
    NEW BRITAINRD11/13/2018 22:27:432018-00021789Susp MV
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    Welcome to the Berlin Police Department website. 

    Found Property:

    The Berlin Police Department has found a bike in the area of Murla Road.  If you or someone you know has lost a bike, please contact Officer Rich Doski at 860-828-7080.  You will be required to describe the bike in order to recover your property.  Thank you.

    The Berlin Police Department has also found a snow blower in the area of Hudson Street, Berlin.  Should you or someone you know have lost a snow blower in that area, please give Detective Rohon a call at 860-828-7189.  You will need to describe the snow blower in detail to recover your property.

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