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Operations Division

The Operations Division consists of the patrol and communications units and other special units as determined necessary by the Chief of Police.

The Patrol Unit covers a wide range of traditional police services which may be generally defined as the patrolling of streets for the purpose of preventing crime, protecting life and property, assisting the public in any way possible, inspections of commercial establishments, vacant homes, etc. and the investigation of suspicious persons and vehicles.  The Patrol Unit investigates crime, completes necessary crime and incident reports, protects crime scenes, investigates motor vehicle crashes, and educates the public in rules and laws of the Town and State.  Patrol Units are also responsible for traffic control, selective enforcement of motor vehicle laws, investigation of suspicious motor vehicles and such other functions that the Chief of Police may determine as necessary. 


 Lieutenant Drew Gallupe  (860) 828-7085  
 Sergeant Ryan Gould  (860) 828-7195 rgould@berlinpd.org
 Sergeant Joe Linskey  (860) 828-7194 jlinskey@berlinpd.org
 Sergeant John Flynn  (860) 828-7192 jflynn@berlinpd.org
 Sergeant John McCormack  (860) 828-7191 jmccormack@berlinpd.org
 Sergeant Shawn Solek  (860) 828-7190 ssolek@berlinpd.org
 Sergeant Mark Soneson  (860) 828-7081 msoneson@berlinpd.org


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