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Jan Lund,
Animal Control Officer
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600 Christian Ln
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Wildlife Information

Berlin Animal Control can only respond to wildlife complaints if your pet has had contact with a wild animal. We will have the animal tested for rabies if there was contact and your pet will need a booster vaccine for rabies and/or a possible home quarantine.

Berlin Animal Control will also respond for sick or injured wildlife and orphaned baby wildlife unable to survive without their mother.

Any wildlife complaints about a skunk, raccoon, possum, squirrel, swan, geese, coyote, bobcat or any other animal that is living under a shed or on your property must be referred to a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO) as mandated by the State of CT (Section 26-47). A list of NWCOs may be found in the Yellow Pages under Pest Control or from the State of CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) at 860-424-3011 or 860-424-3333 for Emergency after hours calls.

Orphan or Baby Wildlife

  • Ct. Rehabilitators Assn. 203-393-1050
  • State Wildlife Rescue 877-5RACOON

Injured Wildlife

  • DEP 860-424-3011 or 860-424-3333

Nuisance Wildlife

  • For removal of nuisance wildlife in your yard see yellow pages under Pest Control
  • Bye Bye Pests Adam Litwinko 860-229-7378

Dept of Agriculture

  • Laws, regulations & Pet store complaints 860-713-2506