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Refuse/Recycling Pickup

View items that should be recycled.  Please note that after July 1, 2012, the small blue recycling bins will no longer be able to be used - only the fully automated bins will be picked up by Trash Away (860-225-1206).

View information below about what is and is not accepted at the Berlin Recycling Center, located at 19 Town Farm Lane, Berlin, CT.

Do Recycle

Keep this information handy so that you'll know what your town accepts as recyclable items. If you have any questions about your town's program, please call the Public Works Department at 860-828-7022. Remember, curbside recycling saves money, helps the environment...and,

One Pail Recycling

In the Town of Berlin, automated recycling bins will be used (effective July 1, 2012) to collect all clean food and beverage containers made of glass, metal and plastic #1 - #7 (polycoated milk and juice cartons, plastic bottles and jugs). You may purchase an additional bin (for a $75, one time fee) directly from Trash Away (860-225-1206).

What to Do:

  • Rinse all containers
  • Newspapers, magazines, phone books, mixed paper, and cereal-type boxes (i.e. cake mix boxes, cracker boxes, breakfast bar boxes, outer toothpaste boxes, outer tissue boxes).  No pizza boxes.
  • Flatten corrugated boxes to about 2'x3'.   No pizza boxes.
  • Bring to curbside

Place your recycling container at the curb the night before your recycling collection day. Do not leave at the curb for more than one day.

Please Note: The recycle day is every other week according to your street. Call Public Works for your route schedule at 860-828-7022.

Accepted Items:

  • Glass & Juice Cartons: Clear or colored glass bottles & jars.
    • Clean food and beverage containers only. Single-serve containers, pint, quart, and half-gallon juice and milk cartons.
  • Metal Cans & Foil: Clean food and beverage containers only.
    • Aluminum foil & foil baking tins.
  • Plastics #1 through #7: Clean food and beverage containers only.
  • Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Phone Books, and Cereal-type boxes.
  • Mixed Paper: Office paper, Stationary and Envelopes including those with plastic windows, Direct Mail pieces - shiny coated paper ok. 
    • SHREDDED PAPER must go in your regular trash container to be burned for energy.

Not Accepted:

  • Light bulbs, Ceramics, Cookware, Window/mirror glass, Crystal.
  • Scrap metal, Appliances, Metal parts, Pots/pans, Silverware, Needles, Aerosol and Paint cans.
  • Bottle caps or Bottles that contained Antifreeze, Motor oil, Pesticides or other Toxic fluids.
  • No: Brown manila envelopes, Overnight envelopes or Tyvek.
  • No: Giveaway items (Product samples/CD's).
  • No: Greeting cards or Wrapping paper.
  • No: Box board, 6-pack cartons or non-corrugated Cardboard
  • No: Tape, Post-it-notes or Mail with Pressure sensitive labels.

Any questions pertaining to recycling can be referred to the town's recycling coordinator (Jim Horbal) at 860-828-7069, or call the Tunxis Recycling operating committee at 860-585-0419 or 860-225-9811.

The Town also provides for the collection and recycling of rechargeable batteries. The Town, in cooperation with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (a non-profit public service organization) will recycle the following rechargeable household batteries:

  • Nickel Cadmium (NI-Cd)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
  • Small Sealed Lead (Pb), less than 2 lbs each
    • These batteries are typically found in household items such as cordless power tools, cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers and camcorders, and so identified.

Batteries will be accepted at no charge at the following locations:


Curbside Pick-up from Trash Away

You may schedule a pick-up of burnable items (wooden furniture, mattresses) for Wednesday of any week, and large metal items (appliances, mowers) for Thursday, but you must call well in advance to be placed on the list with Trash Away (860-225-1206).   This services is paid for with your tax dollars for Berlin residents only.

For more information please call the Public Works Department at 860-828-7022